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For the week ending 20 February 2010 / 5 Adar I 5770

Mystery of the Stolen Car

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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When a shiny new car driven by an Arab pulled up at the Erez checkpoint on its way to Gaza, the soldiers on duty made their routine inspection to determine that it was not a stolen vehicle. The driver produced the proper documents and the soldiers were about to let him drive into Gaza when they suddenly heard the checkpoint commander order them to wait.

Coming from behind the car the commander approached the Arab and demanded to know whether the vehicle was his. When the suspect insisted on the validity of his documents, he was warned by the commander that if he did not immediately admit to theft his punishment would be more severe. His self-confidence thus shattered, the Arab confessed that he had stolen the car and its documents in Ma’aleh Adumim.

"What are you, sir", asked the surprised soldiers of their commander, "some kind of prophet?"

"I'm no prophet," he replied, "but come here behind the car and look at the bumper sticker."

What they saw were three Hebrew words that explained everything:

“Ein od milvado”(There is no one else but Him.)

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