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For the week ending 17 October 2009 / 28 Tishri 5770

Who Has To Move?

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"From that land (Babylon) Ashur went forth and built Nineveh." (Bereishet 10:11)

Rashi thus explains Ashur's departure:

Nimrod was inciting all the people to rebel against G-d by building a great tower, and Ashur's children were listening to this dangerous demagogue. Ashur therefore decided to rescue his children from this evil influence by moving away.

This move is recorded in the Torah as a lesson for future generations to avoid corrupting influences. The current controversy in Israel about deporting foreign non-Jews who are not legal residents (300,000 of them!) revolves around the dangerous influence which such an element can have on the Jewish population, not to mention the security threat.

Ashur had to move from his homeland in order to protect his children. Today it is the foreigners who must move in order to secure Israel forever.

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