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For the week ending 5 July 2008 / 2 Tammuz 5768

In Search of a Partner

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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If Israeli leaders are frustrated in their search among the Palestinians for a "partner for peace" they may derive some comfort from what we will hear in the synagogue this Shabbat when the weekly portion is read.

On their journey to their promised land it was necessary for our ancestors to pass through some neighboring countries. When Moshe sent a delegation to the king of Edom he addressed him as a brother because they had common ancestry. He asked for permission to pass through his land, promising that no harm would be caused, and that there would even be an economic advantage for the Edomites. The response was a refusal and a rallying of the armed forces to prevent any entry.

An even stronger reaction to a similar request was offered by Sichon, king of the Emorites, who even went to war and was soundly defeated.

Partners for peace were always difficult to find and this can only lead to the inevitable conclusion that only Heaven can provide security for Israel forever.

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