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For the week ending 26 January 2008 / 19 Shevat 5768

Like One Man With One Heart

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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As one views the political scene in Israel there is an uncomfortable feeling about the lack of unity. This is a far cry from what we will hear in this Shabbat's Torah reading about the unity of our ancestors who stood at the foot of Mount Sinai "like one man with one heart".

Granted that there are ideological differences between the religious and secular publics or discrimination based on national background. But it is hard to understand why in matters such as national security or territorial rights that affect every inhabitant of Israel in the same way, there fails to be a consensus.

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that our ancestors at Sinai were capable of achieving unity because they all submitted to the authority of G-d Who was giving them His Torah.

It is hoped that a submission of all Jews to Torah will bring about the unity that will guarantee the security of Israel forever.

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