The Human Side of the Story

For the week ending 19 May 2007 / 2 Sivan 5767

Double Header for the Hospital

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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It is not often that a hospital in Israel gets a double dose of publicity but that is what happened to the HaEmek Hospital in Afula last month.

The first item concerned an Israeli citizen whose leg was saved by the orthopedic team of the hospital after he broke it during a business trip to Kenya. When Dr. Nimrod Rosen, head of orthopedics, learned of the accident and the inability of the Nairobi hospital to perform the emergency surgery required to save the leg, he got on the phone and issued instructions on how to prepare the patient for an emergency flight to Israel. The hospital staff was ready when he arrived and the leg-saving operation was successfully performed.

The other item was a happy one from beginning to end. On March 19th the maternity ward of the Afula hospital was the scene of a record-breaking baby boom. While the average number of births there in a day is 13, on that day 22 babies were born — 15 boys, 5 girls and a set of twins. The nurses on the ward were worn out at the end of such a demanding day but they all had a smile on their face.

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