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For the week ending 24 March 2007 / 5 Nisan 5767

A Call for Purity

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Let the pure ones come and study the pure."

This is how our Sages established the age-old tradition of Jewish children beginning their study of Chumash with the Torah portion we will hear read in synagogues this week. Vayikra is the chapter dealing with sacrifices to Heaven that had to be of the purest nature, with no physical or moral blemish attached to them. What could be purer than a child taking his first tiny step into the world of Torah? It is only natural then that the pure should meet the pure.

How important is this message of purity and sacrifice to Israeli society today? The flood of investigations of high-ranking officials casts a dark shadow on the sense of responsibility that the public has a right to expect from its elected and appointed leaders. Purity of behavior and sacrifice of self-interest will hopefully be strengthened by reflecting on the above-mentioned tradition and the Torah reading which inspired it, for only thus can we secure Israel forever.

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