Love of the Land

For the week ending 10 June 2006 / 14 Sivan 5766

Rabbi Nahoroi

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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“Travel to a place of Torah learning and do not say that this Torah learning will come to you because your chaverim (companions) will secure it for you, and do not rely on your own intelligence” — Rabbi Nahoroi (Avot 4:14)

If there are no Torah scholars in your own place travel to where they are located, and don’t delude yourself in thinking that they will come to where you are. Do not rely on your chaverim securing Torah learning for you by returning to you, and relating to you what they heard from the rabbi. Take yourself to the rabbi, because learning from a talmid/student is not the same as learning directly from the rabbi.

Another reading of the Mishna: The reason for traveling to a place of Torah learning is because there you will find chaverim who will secure your Torah learning for you. Even if you are very sharp and clever your Torah learning will not be secure without the interaction of chaverim — do not rely on your own intelligence.

  • Rav Ovadia of Bartenura

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