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For the week ending 18 June 2005 / 11 Sivan 5765

A Rewarded Effort

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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In the observant community of Rechasim in the north of Israel, it is not uncommon for people to gather on Shabbat eve in the home of one of their neighbors for a Shalom Zachar to celebrate the birth of a son. But when that is also the eve of Simchat Torah it is not a simple matter for men to arrive after they are exhausted from dancing in the synagogue in honor of the Torah.

It was therefore not too surprising that when this happened some years ago only six neighbors made the very special effort of showing up. Their effort to bring joy to their neighbor and bless him regarding the forthcoming Brit Milah of his son was well rewarded. In that year sons were born to all six of them, to two of them who had waited years for children and to one who previously had eight daughters.

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