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Simcha's Torah Stories

Parshat Chayei Sarah


"Chaim, did you get your Chumash test back?"

"Yes I did, Avi."

"Do you mind if I ask you how you did on the test?"

"I don't mind at all Avi. I got a 95."

"Ninety-five. That's great Chaim. You are so smart."

"Boruch Hashem."

"You always say that when I compliment you, Chaim."

"Say what?"

"'Boruch Hashem.' Why do you say it?"

"My parents say it. They are wonderful role models. I always try to do what they do. Now you've got my curiosity going. I want to ask them why they always say 'Boruch Hashem'."

"When you find out, please tell me."

"Sure, Avi."

A few minutes later ...

"Mom, I'm home."

"Great to see you, Chaim. How was school today?"

"Great. I got a 95 in my Chumash test."

"Boruch Hashem."

"I'm glad that you said that, Mom."

"So am I."

"I always wanted to know why you say 'Boruch Hashem' whenever you hear good news, or whenever someone gives you a compliment."

"Chaim, you always ask the most thoughtful questions."

"Boruch Hashem."

"A compliment is a very nice thing. It tells a person about his good qualities. Think about it for a minute. Who gave the person his talents?"


"Who gave him the opportunities to develop his good qualities?"


"Who keeps a person alive every minute of every day?"


"Therefore, who deserves to be blessed when a person does something good?"


"Right. That is why we say, Boruch Hashem. Do you know one of the places that we learn this from, Chaim?"

"Let me guess -- this week's parsha."

"Correct! Eliezer, the servant of Avraham was a very humble person. He had many accomplishments to be proud of. He was in charge of the household of Avraham Avinu, a very wealthy and influential man. He had a staff of hundreds of people under him. He could even be considered a prince, because Avraham was like a king. Eliezer was a learned man; he learned Torah from Avraham Avinu. He was deserving of having miracles done for him."

"Really? Which miracles, Mom?"

"Hashem miraculously transported him to Haran. And lastly, he overcame his personal interest to have his own daughter marry Yitzchok, in order to carry out the wishes of his master, Avraham."


"After all of this, he was still very humble. How did Eliezer refer to himself?"

"I know, Mom. He said, 'I am a servant of Avraham.'" (Bereshis 24:34)

"Exactly, Chaim. He gave all of the credit to his master. That is what we do when we say, 'Boruch Hashem.' We are giving all of the credit to Him."

"Mom, you and Dad are so humble."

"Boruch Hashem, Chaim. We are just trying to do the right thing, and give credit where it is due. We must even thank Him for our humility."

"Mom, I have only one thing to say to that."

"What, Chaim?"

"Boruch Hashem."

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