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Parshas Vaera


Knock knock. Mom, I'm home.

Chaim, how are you? How was school today?

Great, Mom. Guess what?

What, Chaim.

I got an invitation from Avi to sleep over his house this Shabbos. Can I go?

We'll check it out with Dad when he comes home. Until then Chaim, start on your homework.

Okay, Mom.

Later that evening . . .

Hi everyone I'm home.

Hi Dad. We're all so happy to see you!

Dad, guess what. Avi invited me to sleep over his house this Shabbos. Can I go?

Let me discuss this with Mom, Chaim.

A short time later . . .

Chaim, you can go to Avi's for Shabbos.


Just remember one thing.

What's that, Dad?

His family is opening their home to you. You must make sure to thank them properly for their hospitality. I have a great story about hospitality. Do you want to hear it?

Sure, Dad.

It is about the great scholar, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev. He was traveling in Eastern Europe and arrived at a small town one evening. He went from house to house looking for a place to stay. No one recognized the Rav, and he was turned away from each home. He tried every home in the town and received the same depressing answer. Finally, there remained only one house, the run-down home of a poor man. Rav Levi Yitzchak knocked on the door and asked for a place to sleep that night. The owner replied that he was only a poor man with a simple home. If the traveler would not mind staying in such poor surroundings, he would be honored to host him for the night. Rav Levi Yitzchak gladly accepted the invitation, stayed the night, and thanked him profusely when he left the next day. Some years later, when Rav Levi Yitzchak became known far and wide as a great scholar and a tzaddik (pious person), he returned to the town for a visit. The residents all competed for the honor of hosting the Torah leader in their homes. Rav Levi Yitzchak shook his head. "I will stay with the poor man at the edge of town, if he will admit me," he announced. "It was he who took me in the last time and it is to him that I must express my everlasting gratitude. Once someone performs a favor for you, you must never forget it."

Wow, Dad, that's a great story!

So you see, Chaim, it's very important to express appreciation to Avi and his family.

Dad, thank you for teaching me the importance of saying "thank you".

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