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Parshas Bo


Ssssssssst . . .

What was that, Avi?

It sounded like a snake, Chaim. There! Look at it! It's going under that rock! Wow can it move fast!

I'm scared. I never should have gone on this tour of the desert.

Let's ask the tour guide if there is anything to be afraid of, Chaim.

Excuse me Mr. Tour Guide, we just saw a snake. Is it dangerous?

It depends on what type of snake, boys. We had better all get back into the tour bus as a safety precaution. Everyone, back into the bus! A snake has been sighted!

Mr. Tour Guide, the desert seems like a really dangerous place.

That's correct, young man. There are snakes and scorpions, whose sting can kill a person. There is no water to drink. A person can dehydrate in a matter of a few hours. The sun is very strong. Without proper protection, a person can get sunstroke. There is no shade. There is also no food. The desert is no place for people unless they have plenty of supplies and protection.

Did you know, Mr. Tour Guide, that our ancestors went out of the land of Egypt into the desert?

Yes young man. That is a famous Bible story.

Mr. Tour Guide, this is my first time in a desert. Until now, I never really appreciated what happened to our ancestors over three thousand years ago.

What do you mean, young man?

Egypt was a very fertile and settled land. The last of G-d's ten plagues was "death of the first-born". That resulted in Pharaoh freeing the Jewish slaves. Over two million men, women, and children were now free to settle in the land of Egypt. But G-d had a different plan. "Follow Me into the wilderness, into an unseeded land" (Jeremiah 2:2). Where? The wilderness? Two million men women and children (including old, sick people, and pregnant women)? What will they eat? What will they drink? Do you know how much food two million people eat? Where will they find shelter? What about snakes and scorpions? Go into the wilderness? It sounds suicidal. Yet our ancestors did it out of love for G-d and appreciation for all that He had done for them. Do you know what? He performed miracle after miracle sustaining and protecting those two million people in this unlivable desert.

Young man, you have painted quite a vivid picture of the Exodus. I never really thought that deeply into it.

Well sir, neither did I until I experienced this desert wilderness. This has added a new dimension to my appreciation of the many miracles and acts of kindness that G-d has done for the Jewish People.

Simcha's Quiz

There are 3 black hats and 2 white hats in a box. Three men (we will call them A, B, & C) each reach into the box and place one of the hats on his own head. They cannot see what color hat they have chosen. The men are situated in a way that A can see the hats on B & C's heads, B can only see the hat on C's head and C cannot see any hats.

When A is asked if he knows the color of the hat he is wearing, he says no.

When B is asked if he knows the color of the hat he is wearing he says no.

When C is asked if he knows the color of the hat he is wearing he says yes and he is correct.

What color hat and how can this be?

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