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Parshas Beshalach


Daddy, I'm cold. The wind is blowing very hard.

Come close to me, my son, and I will try to keep you warm.

Daddy, I'm scared. What are we going to do? We are trapped. The sea is in front of us, the Egyptians are behind us, and there are wild animals from the desert on both sides of us. Where can we go?

My son, some say that we should return to Egypt and go back to slavery. They say that it is better to live as a slave than to die here in the desert. Others say that we should fight the Egyptians right here and now. Still others say that we should make loud noises to frighten them off. The last group says that we should throw ourselves into the sea. It is better to trust in the compassion of the Merciful One, than to fall to the hands of our enemies.

Daddy, what are we going to do?

My son, let us listen to our leader, Moshe Rabbeinu. He is speaking now.

"Do not fear. Stand fast and see the salvation of Hashem that He will perform for you today. As you see Egypt today, you will never see them again!"

Daddy look! Someone is entering the sea! Who is he?

That is Nachshon ben Aminadav, the prince of the tribe of Yehuda.

Daddy, all of his tribe is following him into the sea! The are signaling for all of us to follow them.

Come my son. Do not be afraid. Trust in Hashem.

Daddy, the water is cold. It is almost up to my nose. Soon I will not be able to breathe.

Look my son, the water is splitting and running away from us. It is piling up to form huge walls on either side of us. And look, the strong wing is drying out the floor of the sea beneath our feet. There are pillars of fire and clouds are behind us, protecting us from the Egyptians.

Daddy, Hashem is saving us.

Come, my son, let us move forward. In front of us are twelve tunnels. Let us follow the members of our tribe into the tunnel made especially for us.

Daddy, look! It's beautiful in here. The floor is smooth and polished like marble. The walls sparkle like sapphires and diamonds. Look, I can see my friends in the next tunnel through the wall. Daddy, I'm hungry. It's been so long since we've eaten.

Look my son. There are beautiful fruit trees here in the tunnel. Let me pick a fruit for you to eat.

Yum, that apple sure was delicious. I'm sorry Daddy, but now I am so thirsty.

Here my son, just touch the wall of the tunnel, and sparkling clear water comes flowing out.

Oh, no, I don't want to make a leak in the tunnel, Daddy.

Don't worry my son. When you are finished, the hole will seal up again.

Daddy there is such a beautiful fragrance in here, not like the smell of the sea at all.

My son, Hashem is giving us a real treat. He is making it beautiful for us in here. The travel is so easy. The floor is smooth and level. Even the old people and little children are keeping pace. Hashem, with His infinite kindness, has even provided food for our cattle here. My son, enjoy our trip through the sea. But pay attention and remember. This is an experience not to be forgotten. I am sure that you will want to share it with your children and grandchildren.

Thank you so much, Daddy.

Now, back to our Seder table . . .

And so, children, that was how it happened, Kriyas Yam Suf, the splitting of the Red Sea.

Daddy, you make it really come alive. You put in so many details. It is as if you were really there.

Children, the Haggadah states, "In each and every generation, a person is obligated to see himself as if he went out of Egypt. As it states in the Torah, 'And you shall tell your son on that day saying, "For this, Hashem did for me when I went out of Egypt.' " Not only did Hashem redeem our forefathers, but He redeemed us with them." When I tell you the story, we must feel that we were there. That is how we fulfill the mitzvah of Sippur Yetzias Mitzraim, telling the story of the exodus from Egypt.

Thank you Daddy. Your master storytelling and Mommy's delicious cooking have made this our best Pesach Seder ever!

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If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken.

If the chicken and the corn is left together, the chicken will eat the corn.

How does the man do it?

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