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Parshas Vayera


Shalom, Avi! How are you? You look like you're on your way to the pool.

Right you are Chaim. I'm just trying to stay cool in this hot weather. It must be 90 degrees outside today.

I'm very hot, too, Avi. I am so glad that I met you. I am on my way to do a big mitzvah.

Great Chaim! What is it?

Mr. Goodman, the elderly man who lives next-door to me, is moving tomorrow. He is too old to live by himself, so he is moving near his daughter. He still has some packing left to do. There are books, clothes, and some dishes. I am trying to get some friends to come and help him put these things into boxes. What do you say, Avi?

Boy, it sure is hot today, Chaim. I am so tired. I could not sleep last night because of the heat. I think a nice relaxing day at the pool would suit me just fine.

Avi, if you think it is hot today, let me tell you about another very hot day a long, long time ago. Just imagine that you are Avraham Avinu, our father Abraham, sitting in his tent in a place called Mamre ...

It is very hot here today. I feel very weak. Only three days ago, I had my bris mila. I am in pain. I am 99 years old, not a young man anymore. But nothing pains me as much as the fact that no guests are coming to visit me today. I want very badly to do the mitzvah of entertaining guests in my home. Eliezer, will you please be so kind and go out to see if any travelers are coming our way?

A short time later, Eliezer returns without any guests.

Perhaps Eliezer did not look carefully enough. I will go out and look myself. I don't see any guests. Wait a minute! I see three men coming! Weary travelers, please come this way. Stop here for a little refreshment. Please, my honored guests, take a little water. I will get some bread for you.

Now that I am doing a mitzvah, I forgot all about my aches and pains and the hot weather. I must run to serve them the finest food and drink.

Sarah, my dear wife, may I trouble you to please bake fresh bread for our guests? I am going to prepare for them the choicest meat delicacy. I want to give them a sumptuous meal, fit for a king.

Chaim, you have such a nice way of pointing me in the right direction. I have a mitzvah to do! I feel cooler already.

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