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Parshas Noach


Noach, what are you doing?

I am planting a tree.

There are already so many beautiful trees in the world, why are you planting another one?

This is a special type of tree called gopher, whose wood is very light.

Why do you need a tree with light wood, Noach?

To build an ark.

Why do you need an ark?

G-d told me to build it. If the people in the world do not straighten out and start acting properly, G-d is going to bring a flood to destroy the whole world. Only those inside the ark will survive.

Noach, you are a nice man, but that story is a little far-fetched. We are very strong, powerful people. Nothing can destroy us. Neither flood, nor fire, nor wind. We can survive them all.

If I were you, I would take this more seriously.

Fifty years later . . .

Noach, your trees have really grown big and strong!

Yes, I am getting ready to cut them down now.

You still haven't given up on your idea of building an ark?

It is not my idea. G-d told me to do it. I would strongly suggest that you examine your life, and see if you are living according to G-d's wishes. There will come a day when G-d will send a flood to destroy the world.

Have a nice day, Noach.

Fifty years later . . .

Noach, what is that big thing you are building? It looks like the framework of a boat.

That's exactly what it is. A big boat called an ark.

Oh, I remember you, your ark, and your flood. You are really serious about this! What are you going to put into this ark?

I am going to gather together two of every animal in the world, and seven of each of the kosher animals, and lead them into this ark. Then I am going to put in enough food to feed them for a year.

Ha ha! Your ark isn't that big. You will need an ark ten times that size to hold all of the animals in the world. Then you will need space for all of the food that they will eat. How will you find all of these animals? And once you find them, how are you going to gather them all up and get them here? Do you really think they can live together in this ark? You are going to put lions together with sheep? When the lion gets hungry, you won't have any sheep left. You are going to put deer in that small place? Deer need space to run around. Noach, be realistic.

Do you think that anything is too difficult for G-d to do? He can gather all of the animals for me, along with provisions, and get them all into this little ark easier than you can snap your fingers. Which is exactly what He will do if you do not do as He says. Return to Him while you still can.

Noach, you have a good imagination.

Twenty years later . . .

Noach, Noach! Let us into the ark! The whole world is flooding!

I spoke to you many times over the past 120 years. I warned you over and over again. Why didn't you listen? Now it is too late . . .

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