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Parshas Lech Lecha


Chaim, how did you do in the test today?

Pretty good, Avi. I think I only got one or two questions wrong. How did you do?

Not so good, Chaim. I guess I didn't study well enough. These tests are hard.

You're right, Avi, but that really makes us learn the subject well. After I study and do well on one of those tests, I really know my stuff.

So true, Chaim. I guess I need some encouragement.

I can help you with that, Avi. This week we learned about Avraham Avinu, "our father Abraham," and the tests that he passed. G-d was the One who tested him. His tests were different from ours. There was a similarity, however. Both tests were given to help the one being tested. Our tests help us study better. Avraham's tests helped him grow closer to G-d.

Can you give me an example of one of Avraham Avinu's tests, Chaim?

Sure, Avi. Lech Lecha.

Isn't that the name of this week's Parsha?

Yes it is. G-d told Avraham to leave his homeland to go live in a new country.

What's so hard about that, Chaim? I hear about people moving cross-country or even overseas all of the time.

Things were a little different then, Avi. There were no jet planes to make travel quick and easy. Avraham Avinu had to travel by horse and wagon. It took weeks or even months to reach the destination. The roads were rough, and bandits attacked the travelers. Food was also a problem. Even after the traveler arrived and settled into his new home, it was not easy. He was in a strange place and had to adjust to the new life. New faces, a new language, new customs. The hardest part was being cut off from his loved ones. There were no telephones, fax machines, or Internet to connect far away places. When a person left his homeland, he would probably never see or communicate with his family and friends again.

That's such a hard test.

You're right Avi. That shows you how much Avraham Avinu loved G-d. He passed the test and left his homeland. This was not the only test. There were nine others. Avraham Avinu passed them all.


Pirkei Avos says that G-d had a great love for Avraham Avinu because he passed all of the tests. I hope this inspires you to do well in your tests, Avi. Just remember that tests are given to us for our own good.

Thanks so much Chaim. You've really passed the test of helping a friend in need.

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