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Bereishis1:1-6:8 It Keeps the World Running; The Source of All Blessing
Noach 6:9-11:32 Do Your Part and He Will Do the Rest; Unity Averted the Destruction; Rise Above the Crowd
Lech Lecha 12:1-17-27 Pass the Test; Avraham's Tests;
Vayera 18:1-22:24 Three Lessons; The Power of a Good Deed; Care for Everyone
Chayei Sarah23:1-25:18 Always Be Nice; Be in Touch With Him; Humility; A Good Wife
Toldos 25:19-28:9 Be Straight; Keep Plugging; A Sense For Mitzvos
Vayeitze 28:10-32:3 Your Influence; No Embarrassment; Honest and True
Vayishlach 32:4-36:43 Bad Influences; Everything You Need; Our Smallness, His Greatness
Vayeshev 37:1-40:23 Good News Campaign; Against All Odds; He Listens to Every Word
Miketz 41:1-44:17 My Reward? I; My Reward? II; The One Behind It All
Vayigash 44:18-47:27 The Peace Process; Give Thanks; Credibility
Vayechi47:28-50:26A Good Education; The Highest Level; White With Milk
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Sh'mos1:1-6:1Our Part -- His Part; Responsibilty; A Good Sendoff
Va'era6:2-9:35Thank You; The Reason For Punishment; Who Runs the World
Bo10:1-13:16Tell The Story; He Who Hesitates Is Lost
Beshalach13:17-17:16The Safe Route; Make It Come Alive; Glorify Him
Yisro18:1-20:23Formula For Success; The Holy Day; A Friend in the Garden
Mishpatim21:1-24:18Stay Far Away; Compassion; I Donít Believe It
Terumah25:1-27:19The Best Merchandise; Holy Places; The More You Give ...
Tetzaveh27:20-30:10The Prayers of Children; True Beauty; Happiness
Ki Sisa30:11-34:35Donít Panic; Over and Over Again
Vayakhel35:1-38:20The Wise Heart; Quickly; Trustworthiness
Pekudei38:21-40:38The Wise Heart; Quickly; Trustworthiness
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Vayikra1:1-5:20Accepting Criticism; National Unity; Returning Stolen Objects
Tzav6:1-8:36Look A Little Closer; Who Would Ever Think ...; The Chometz Cleaning Team
Shemini9:1-11:47With All of Your Efforts; How Great Are Your Works, Hashem
Tazria12:1-13:58The Choice is Yours; Isolation; Rebbe Akiva's Students
Metzora14:1-15:33The Choice is Yours; Isolation; Rebbe Akiva's Students
Acharei Mos16:1-18:30Open Your Heart; Which Path Will Hashem Choose?; Just One Less; The Special Cholent
Kedoshim19:1-20:27Open Your Heart; Which Path Will Hashem Choose?; Just One Less; The Special Cholent
Emor21:1-24:23Anticipation; Barley to Wheat; Barley to Wheat; Be a Plugger; Kiddush Hashem
Behar PDF25:1-26:2Show Its Importance; One Leads to Another; Words That Hurt
Bechukosai PDF26:3-27:34Show Its Importance; One Leads to Another; Words That Hurt
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Bamidbar PDF1:1-4:20YOU Are Important; The Thirsty Fish; The Entire Night
Naso PDF4:21-7:89Use the Blessings Properly; Man's Best Friend
Beha'aloscha PDF8:1-12:16Basic Training; Humility
Sh'lach PDF13:1-15:41The Reward is Great; Our Holy Land; I Came Here to Work
Korach PDF16:1-18:32Donít Mention My Name; Mockery; Jealousy and Honor
Chukas PDF19:1-22:1Take an Accounting; The Power of Speech
Balak PDF22:2-25:9The Way You Want to Go; He Overlooks Our Mistakes; Many Facets of Modesty
Pinchas PDF25:10-30:1Don't Lose the Opportunity; A Man of Spirit; Mourning the Beis HaMikdash
Matos PDF30:2-32:42I Can't Remember; Life's Journey; Above Suspicion
Masei PDF33:1-36:13I Can't Remember; Life's Journey; Above Suspicion
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Devarim PDF1:1-3:22Because They Love You; Run or Walk?
Va'eschanan PDF3:23-7:11You Will Be Heard; Let's Make A Deal; Constant Mitzvos
Eikev PDF7:12-11:25Who Did All Of This?; Donít Forget; What Do They Mean?
Re'eh PDF11:26-16:17The King is Coming!
Shoftim PDF16:18-21:9Citizen's Patrol; Always Watching; Consistency; Appreciate, Do Not Waste; A Strong Foundation
Ki Seitze PDF21:10-25:19Lost and Found; Safety; Compassion
Ki Savo PDF26:1-29:8Donít Push It Off; Torah Nation; Pray for Me Too
Nitzavim PDF29:9-30:20Together As One; See The Future; Wake Up!
Vayeilech PDF31:1-31:30Together As One; See The Future; Wake Up!
Ha'azinu PDF32:1-32:52Your Place in History; Limited Time Offer; Every Minute is Precious
V'zos Habracha33:1-34:12 
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Rosh Hashanah PDF1 TishreiDay In Court; Fear; One Band
Succos PDF15 TishreiRemember the Clouds; Happy
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