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For the week ending 9 July 2005 / 2 Tammuz 5765

Chukat Hatorah or "Chukah"

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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One of the hottest issues which the Israeli Knesset has dealt with in its current session is the creation of a constitution. The religious parties are opposed to establishing such a chukah which they suspect will be exploited by anti-religious elements to undermine religious life in the country.

Aside from these fears the religious community in the Jewish State finds it difficult to see why Jews need a man-made constitution when they already have a constitution the Torah given to them by the Creator.

When Jews this Shabbat will hear the opening words of the weekly portion "This is the chukah of the Torah" they will be reminded of the constitution we received more than three millennia ago. This constitution has been the secret of Jewish survival and it is hoped that Israels leaders will adopt it to guarantee Israel forever.

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