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Issue #10; Cheshvan 5757

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  • Spotlight on an Alumnus

    Rabbi Chaim Salenger

    If any of you ever sat around at night listening to the Bard of Jerusalem and his guitar, or perhaps had a stopped up sink that needed attention, I'm sure you will fondly remember Rabbi Salenger as the party responsible for taking care of your musical and/or housing needs. Casually referred to as Chaim, Rabbi Salenger acts as the Dorm Counselor for Ohr Somayach, a position that his easy going nature, and wizened worldly counsel, aptly fill.

    Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Rabbi Salenger attained local recognition singing, writing and performing in the acoustic/poetic folk-style of the 60's, while studying Horticultural Sciences at Purdue University. After graduation, and a back-packing tour of Europe, he traveled to Israel and spent several months on a kibbutz. On a 'chance' visit to Jerusalem that brought him in touch with Rabbi Meir Schuster and Shabbos, he reluctantly visited Ohr Somayach.

    Struck by the "sophistication of the teachers and students - truly goal-oriented learners," he stayed six months and then returned to the religious community in Chicago. Two and a half years later, he returned to Eretz Yisrael with a wife and daughter. Living in the old city, he started as a liaison between the Heritage House and Ohr Somayach. He has been with Ohr Somayach ever since, and now lives in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife Chaya Yehudis and their six children.

    Today, Chaim learns in the afternoons, and his evenings are spent attending to the various needs of his dorm residents. And his music? Don't worry, he's still writing songs, playing guitar, and singing the hopes and dreams of his people. After Back in the Old Country, and the success of Wayward Ram, we're all waiting eagerly for his latest Jewish folk ballads, the soon to be released third album, Visions and Dreams.

    Messages from Alumni

    Yehudah Moldofsky writes:

    I finished working for Ohr Somayach two years ago, and for the last seven months I have been working for a project management consulting & software company on the software end. I specialize in Lotus Notes which I began learning a year ago. I try to keep up with Mishna Yomis (now in Makkos), and to keep abreast of the Gemorra that's being learned in the Night Yeshiva (Kiddushin). It's a far cry from kollel but I guess it's what I should be doing right now. Be in touch!

    David Guberman writes:

    I learned in Jerusalem from December 1994 to August 1995 and then again from last December to April. I was in Rabbi Burnham's shiur when I left. Our kollel here in Cincinnati is a mostly Ner Yisrael kollel. The Rosh Kollel is Rabbi David Spetner from Ner Yisrael. Since it's opening last year, the Cincinnati kollel has offered community classes for men and women, and has brought many featured speakers to Cincinnati, amongst them Rabbi Breitowitz from Ohr Somayach Toronto, Rabbi A. Twerski, and the Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisrael Rabbi Weinberg. The community here is small but growing. I print OhrNet as an acrobat file. Thanks for permission to use.

    Stanley Nachamie (JLE '92) writes:

    All is well, although I'm looking for a new library job for the fall, since I'll be getting my degree. I'm currently working at a Jewish library, but they don't anticipate any professional openings in the near future. If you know about any opportunities near NYC...

    Marc L. Beningson writes:

    I have a question: I have a few family members who would benefit from some of the O.S. publications, but they'll never get around to subscribing themselves. Can you do a "gift subscription" for them? If so, I'll send you their addresses. It may not be perfect "netiquette" but then again this is kiruv! Any pertinent halachas, I wonder? Kol Tuv.

    Simchas & Announcements

    Ohr Somayach Institutions expresses condolences to Rabbi Yaakov Lubow of the passing of his father, o.b.m.

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