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  • Jerusalem & Israel
    Several essays on Jerusalem & Israel.

  • Love of the Land
    Selections from classical Torah sources which express the special relationship between the People of Israel and Eretz Yisrael

  • Jerusalem Quartered
    Written by Rabbi Yakov Goldman. A closer look at the history of the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • Soul Food - The Jewish Dietary Laws
    Written by Rabbi Mordechai Becher. A short summary of the laws of Kosher food and explanations of the reasons behind it.

  • The Jewish Wedding Ceremony
    Written by Rabbi Mordechai Becher. An explanation of the laws and customs of a Jewish Wedding.

  • Living Up to the Truth
    A rational justification for living traditional Judaism. Rejecting a "leap of faith", the author shows that there is sufficient evidence to warrant basing one's life on the truth of the Torah.
    written by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb. - Third Revised Edition - January 1997!

  • Taamei Hamitzvot - Reasons for the Commandments
    An explanation of the concept of giving reasons for Mitzvos. Written by Rabbi Mordechai Becher.

  • The Other Side of the Story
    Stories Relating to the Concept of Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

  • Talmudic Method
    written by Harry Austryn Wolfson. A explanation of how to study the Talmud.

  • Taryag Mitzvos
    written by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach. A explanation of what "613 Mitzvos" means.

  • When Jew Murders Jew
    Written by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach. Comments after the assassination of Israel P.M. Yitzchak Rabin.

  • The Helicopter Tragedy: Whose Failure?
    Written by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach. Comments following the helicopter collision in the North of Israel. Given on February 6, 1997, Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5757.

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