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Ohr Somayach offers FOUR Channels for your PointCast Viewer:

Yossi & Co. Join Yossi & Co. as they explore the weekly Parsha in a format that is fun for the entire family!
Ohrnet All Ohr Somayach Weekly Publications delivered right to your Pointcast Viewer.
Ohr Somayach Holidays Celebrate the Jewish Holidays with Ohr Somayach.
The Other Side
of the Story
Learn how to judge other people favorably by seeing the other side of the story.

Pointcast is a push browser -- rather than you searching for information, it pushes it onto your desktop.  It does this without using Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer.

To get your FREE pointcast viewer, click here:

Your desktop newscast.
Your desktop newscast. FREE download and no subscription fees!

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