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Microsoft is providing for FREE several fonts which it wants to establish as standard "Web" fonts.
Many of Ohr Somayach's web pages use these fonts, so it is worthwhile for you to install them on your machine.

If you don't see these fonts displayed properly below, you can download them from Microsoft's Typography web site.

AaBbCcDdEe Trebuchet MS

AaBbCcDdEe Georgia

AaBbCcDdEe Verdana

AaBbCcDdEe Comic Sans MS

AaBbCcDdEe Impact

AaBbCcDdEe Arial Black

AaBbCcDdEe Arial

AaBbCcDdEe Times New Roman

AaBbCcDdEe Courier

AaBbCcDdEe (your brower's default font)

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