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Founded in 1979, as a branch of Ohr Somayach-Jerusalem, Ohr Somayach-Monsey, while today an independent institution, maintains close ties to its founding institution. The programs consist of a full-time Beth Medrash, with five levels of instruction, a Semicha-graduate program, and an outreach program. Hundreds of individuals, with limited knowledge of their heritage, have been introduced to Jewish learning and living through its weekend seminars and summer retreats. From Aleph-Beth, to advanced Talmud, the ideas and values of Judaism are transmitted by an exceptionally talented and dedicated staff. The vibrant Jewish community of Monsey has opened its homes and hearts to the students, hosting them for Shabbat and holidays. This provides an essential component of the overall learning process.

Rabbi Avraham Braun


Ohr Somayach of Monsey
244 Route 306, POB 334
Monsey, NY 10952
Tel: 845-425-1370
Fax: 845-425-8865

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