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Do you have a question about Judaism,
and don't know where to find the answer?

Just "Ask The Rabbi" and you'll get an answer.

Ohr Somayach has a staff of Rabbis
dedicated to answering YOUR questions.

Our Rabbis have researched questions on what Judaism says about Magic, Virtual Reality Minyan, Why Honey and Locusts are Kosher, and Why People Point Pinkies at the Torah. For each question that we answer in the weekly column, DOZENS of answers are sent to individuals around the world who also asked questions during that time.

Please feel free to avail yourself of this service. Just submit your question to Ask The Rabbi and we'll begin researching your answer. If you feel your question is personal, just tell us, and we'll be certain to send the answer only to YOU!

To submit a question, address it to:
To insure correct handling, set the subject to "ASK THE RABBI"

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Sho'el U'Meishiv


If you have any questions about a topic that you're studying, whether it be Talmud, Mishnah or Tanach, please avail yourself of our service called "Sho'el U'Meishiv" - "Question & Answer" - just write to Rabbi Ephraim Yawitz:

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