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Love of the Land - Other Worldly Experiences

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Love of the Land
Selections from classical Torah sources
which express the special relationship between
the People of Israel and Eretz Yisrael


"Whoever resides in Eretz Yisrael, recites the Shma in the morning and evening and speaks lashon hakodesh (the sacred Hebrew tongue) is considered a member of the World to Come."

This statement by Rabbi Meir (Sifri Parshas Ha'azinu 32:43) does not relate to inheriting the World to Come, because we have already been taught (Sanhedrin 90a) that "All of Israel have a share in the World to Come;" not only those who perform these particular acts. It refers to how one can live a "World to Come" existence in this world. The Jew who lives in the holy land blessed by Hashem, pledges his allegiance to Him morning and evening, and speaks in the language with which Hashem created His world and wrote His Torah, is experiencing something of the intimacy with Hashem which the World to Come is all about. He is like a citizen of that infinite world who is on a temporary visit in this finite one.

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