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For the week ending 22 February 2003 / 20 Adar I 5763

Spotlight on an Alumnus - Reuven Abedon

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How does someone who studied Torah at Ohr Somayach and Chinese and Economics at Harvard combine all three of these achievements into a service to the Jewish community?

The answer comes from the recent announcement that alumnus Reuven Abedon has been appointed the director of the Baltimore-based Star K kashrut supervision office in Shanghai, China.

When Reuven arrived at Ohr Somayach two decades ago he brought with him a research paper he had done on "The Over-representation of Jews in Cults". His thesis was that the hunger for spirituality led Jewish youths to pasture in foreign fields. But Reuven wanted the real thing and dedicated his academic skills to learning Torah at Ohr Somayach.

After many years of learning he taught in a Day School in the U.S. and was involved in the world of finance. His new role as a kashrut mashgiach and office director in the Far East offers him an opportunity to combine his educational background and experience in expanding the frontiers of kosher food for Jews throughout the world.

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