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For the week ending 25 January 2003 / 22 Shevat 5763

Protecting the Sane Dogs from the Mad One

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The "mad dog" of Baghdad poses a threat not only to the humans in Israel and elsewhere with his weapons of mass destruction but animal life as well. When people in Israel began lining up at distribution centers for gas masks to protect themselves against the threat of Saddam Hussein launching missiles with chemical or biological warheads, Rafi Keshon began wondering what would happen to all the cats and dogs in the country in the event of such an emergency.

The solution of this veterinarian was the invention of pet-friendly gas masks in a variety of sizes to fit cats and dogs of all varieties. These masks, which cost from 56 to 84 shekels depending on size, are not intended for long-term use but rather for evacuating a pet to safety through an area contaminated by biological or chemical agents. Pet owners will also be able to buy doses of atropin, antibiotics for anthrax and even tranquilizers to calm down the pets if they get too excited.

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