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For the week ending 11 January 2003 / 8 Shevat 5763

The Shidduch That Almost Wasn't

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A very moving story about the Heavenly reward for a special effort is related in the new work "Aleinu Leshabayach" by Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, Rav of the Ramat Elchanan Community in Bnei Brak.

A distinguished Torah scholar was finally on the verge of seeing his daughter become engaged to an outstanding yeshiva student after many unsuccessful attempts to find her a proper shidduch. At the last moment, however, the match did not come off. Disappointed and somewhat heartbroken he still maintained his round of public shiurim lectures. One evening at the conclusion of the Maariv prayer the gabbai of the synagogue approached him with an urgent request to deliver a shiur usually given by someone else, who was prevented from doing so by an emergency. Mindful of his busy schedule his initial response was negative. It was only after he was on his way home that he regretted his answer and hurried back to give the shiur as requested.

A young man happened to be in the synagogue that evening and stayed to enjoy the brilliant Torah presentation together with the regular participants. It was only when the shiur was over did he realize that the rabbi who had so impressed him with his knowledge and delivery was none other than the father of the girl he had turned down. Finally realizing what sort of an opportunity he had almost missed he hurried to give his consent to the engagement. The delighted father told everyone that he saw this as a reward for making a special effort to teach Jews Torah.

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