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For the week ending 27 June 2009 / 4 Tammuz 5769

I'll Dance at Her Wedding

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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The parents of a young girl severely wounded in a traffic accident came to the home of the great Rabbi Chaim Kaniefsky to ask him and his wife to pray for her recovery as she lay unconscious in the hospital. Two weeks later they came to give the good news that the 14-year old girl had finally come out of her coma.

What were the first words she uttered? "Ima, how long was I unconscious?"

Why did she have to know?

Because a while back she had made a resolution to each day learn two laws of Shmirot Halashon (Guarding the Tongue) and she wanted to know how many days she had to make up.

When this was emotionally reported to the Kaniefskys, the rebbetzin declared, "I'll yet dance at her wedding!"

While having such a highly respected woman dance at her wedding would be a great honor, there was little likelihood of this severely wounded girl getting married after undergoing the many operations in store for her. But recover fully she did in the most miraculous fashion – and Rebbetzin Kaniefsky kept her promise and happily danced at her wedding.

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