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For the week ending 19 July 2008 / 16 Tammuz 5768

A Busman's Holiness

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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When Ronnie Eliach, a driver of an Egged bus on the Ashdod – Bnei Brak route, conducted his routine check of the bus at the end of the trip, he noticed a black plastic bag which had been left behind by a passenger. Upon opening the bag, which looked like the kind one gets at the grocery store, he was shocked to see that it contained forty thousand dollars in cash!

Aware of his responsibility as a Jew to return a lost object to its owner, he contacted his supervisor, who put him in touch with the special advisor on transportation for the observant community of Ashdod, Rabbi Moshe Radjuminsky. Only a short while later the latter received an urgent call from one of the Ashdod residents asking him to help locate a sum of money he left on the bus.

After the happy ending of the lost money being returned to the overjoyed loser, that gentleman went with his family to the Tel Aviv home of the honest driver to personally thank him for his holy deed. The Egged Company was very proud of its employee and awarded him a certificate of honor.

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