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For the week ending 31 May 2008 / 26 Iyyar 5768

A Tale about a Bonfire

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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The traditional bonfires of Lag B’omer that recently generated their mystical light throughout Eretz Yisrael were the cause of an interesting incident that took place in Petach Tikvah shortly before Pesach.

Even though it was more than a month before Pesach youngsters were already gathering wood for their bonfires. One group of five very young girls engaged in such a search came across an old wooden chest that had been dumped on a vacant lot. As they began pulling out drawers they discovered a large batch of dollars and proceeded to divide up this treasure of $33,000 among themselves.

When the mother of one of the girls discovered dollars in her daughter's possession she immediately called the police who quickly searched the abandoned chest and found documents identifying its owner. The woman to whom the money was returned told the police that the chest had belonged to her mother who was now in an retirement home and that she herself had no knowledge that there was anything of value in this old piece of furniture which was always in the way until she decided to get rid of it in her pre-Pesach cleaning.

A happy ending to a story told about — not around — a bonfire.

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