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For the week ending 23 December 2006 / 2 Tevet 5767

Chanukah Candles for Pesach Use

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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It was the evening before Pesach when Jews go searching for chametz with a candle. In the home of a prominent resident of Bnei Brak it was decided that one place they would not have to search was the new cabinet that had been installed in the kitchen only a short while ago. After all, they had not yet used it to store any food and it was too high for any of the children to reach.

When the head of the family was about to begin searching the rest of the house he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to prepare a candle. He then recalled that the only thing that had been stored in that high new cabinet was a box of colored Chanukah candles. Unable to locate any other candles at that hour he decided to take a ladder in order to reach those Chanukah ones which were on the highest shelf.

And what did he find on that shelf? A package of chametz wafers!

It turned out that one of the children had wanted to hide those wafers and had also used a ladder to get up to that shelf.

Only then did he realize how Heaven had saved him from sinfully harboring chametz in his home.

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