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For the week ending 21 July 2012 / 1 Av 5772

Surprise for the Police

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Responsibility for communal funds was always a prime concern of the late mashgiach of Yeshivat Slobodka in Bnei Brak, Rabbi Moshe Tokatsinsky. During a fundraising visit to London on behalf of the yeshiva, he was the victim of a robbery while traveling in the "Underground". He reported the incident to the local police and provided them with precise descriptions of the robbers who were soon apprehended along with the cash they had stolen.

Here came the catch that stood in the way of a happy ending. The police asked the rabbi to prove that the money found on the robbers really was stolen from him.

To their surprise the rabbi pulled out a piece of paper on which were listed the serial numbers of all the bills which people had given him for the support of the yeshiva. He had foresightedly anticipated the possibility of such a scenario and had taken the precaution which probably no one else would have thought of.

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