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For the week ending 20 March 2004 / 27 Adar I 5764

A Purim to Remember

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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(A letter received from the Sanhedria Childrens Home in Jerusalem)

A former student of your institute, Mr. Yonatan Eisenberg, contacted us about two weeks ago. He offered to come with some Ohr Somayach students to our facility and to provide the children with an afternoon of fun and games, all in the spirit of Purim.

A bit of background information. Sanhedria integrates young children at risk (boys aged 7-14) who have been removed from the parents home by court order and are referred to us by Social Services. The children come from dysfunctional households, where there is often a history of alcoholism, physical and emotional abuse, in the backdrop of a lifestyle considerably below the poverty line. Our goal is to nurture the children in a Torah-true and trusting environment where they will interact with their peers and be able to communicate within a social framework.

With their high spirit and energy, Yonatan and his team shed light and happiness upon children who otherwise would not receive the very special attention that they thought to bestow on them. Additionally, Mrs. Eisenberg and her friend baked hamentashen and prepared goody bags for each and every child what a treat!

We feel it is important for you to know from the outside, what a Kiddush Hashem these young men made with their maasim tovim. They are an asset to your organization, to the community and to Am Israel. We would be glad to welcome them any time thanks to their warm souls and to their generosity, our boys had an afternoon that they will long remember.

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