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For the week ending 13 December 2003 / 18 Kislev 5764

The Governor's Belated Condolence Visit

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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During his recent five-day visit to Israel, Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich paid what may be described as a belated condolence visit to someone from his state.

Back in May, 2001, two 13-year old boys hiking in the Tekoa area were brutally stoned to death by Palestinian terrorists. One of them was Koby Mandell, son of Ohr Somayach alumnus Seth Mandell. Before coming to Israel Seth was Hillel Director at the College Park campus of the University of Maryland.

The governor heard from Seth what he and his wife are doing to help the families of other terror victims through the Koby Mandell Foundation that they have established.

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