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For the week ending 8 September 2018 / 28 Elul 5778

Menachot 16 - 50

by Rabbi Moshe Newman
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The Fortunate Ones

Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua taught, “How fortunate are you, Torah scholars, that the words of the Torah are so beloved by you.”

  • Menachot 18a

A United Nation

We learn in a beraita, “Just as the four species on Succot must all be taken together, so too does the Jewish People find favor only when they are united together.”

  • Menachot 27a

The Right Guard

Rabbi Chanina taught, “Come and see how the way of G-d is not like the way of humans: The way of a human king is that he sits inside (his palace) and his nation stands outside to guard him. The way of G-d is not like this. The way of G-d is that His people dwell inside and He stands guard for themoutside (i.e., the mitzvah of mezuzah), as the verse says: “G-d is your Guard; G-d is your Shadow by your rightside.” (Tehillim 121:5)

  • Menachot 33b

Surrounded by Mitzvahs

The beraita teaches, “Beloved are the Jewish People! G-d has surrounded them with mitzvot: tefillin on their heads and arms, tzitzit on their clothing and a mezuzah on (each of) their doorposts.”

  • Menachot 43b

Settling the Land of Israel

Our Rabbis taught us in a beraita, “One who rents a house outside of Israel is exempt from the mitzvah of mezuzah for thirty days, whereas one who rents a house in Israel is obligated in the mitzvah of mezuzah immediately due to the importance of settling the Land of Israel.”

  • Menachot 44a

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