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Perek Shira: The Song of the Grapevine

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by Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

The grapevine says: “So says Hashem: ‘In the same way a wine-bearing grape is found on a cluster and one says, ‘Do not destroy it, as there is blessing within it,’ so too I will do for the sake of My servants, not to destroy all.’” (Yeshayahu 68:8)

Hashem compares His nation to a grapevine. Even if a vine consists mostly of rotten grapes, and the vine itself is flimsy and useless, the farmer will still tend to it for the sake of the wine that can be made from the good grapes after they are harvested, squeezed and fermented. So too, Hashem declares that although the majority of individuals in our nation are not yet fitting to be the blessing to Him as we were designed to be, He shall not to discard us. And moreover, in the same way that many people misuse alcohol, but the grape is nonetheless a blessing for those who drink in good measure, so too Hashem blesses His people for the sake of the righteous who will utilize the blessing appropriately. Hashem derives sufficient satisfaction from the righteous alone, and He patiently waits for the entire nation to repent.

When all the grapes of our nation are harvested, and its wine produced, the blessing, joy, and song that will come from it will fill the world. Until then, we, too should see the good in everyone, ourselves included, and the song of the grapevine can be heard even today.

  • Sources: Radak; Shiras HaChaim; Beis Elokim; Siach Yitzchak

*In loving memory of Harav Zeev Shlomo ben Zecharia Leib

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