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Perek Shira: The Song of Existence - The Song of the Trees of the Field

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by Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

The Trees of the Field say: “Then will sing the trees of the forest, from before Hashem, for He has come to judge the Earth.” (Divrei Hayamim I 16:35)

Trees can tower mightily and live longer than any other organism on the planet. When they rustle excitedly in the invisible wind, they sing of Hashem’s unseen presence in this world. Their song is an excerpt of the description of the future joy that will reverberate throughout the world when Hashem will judge His universe, fix its faults and rule over all in majesty and with benevolence. In Eretz Yisrael, even the barren trees will again bear fruit as they once did before the curse of Adam. Then the titanic trees will shake with a full expression of their song.

Man is compared to trees since we produce with our endeavors, bear children and sprout Torah — similar to the way in which trees produce fruit. No matter how mighty, respected and confident one is, he should sway to the will of Hashem like the trees, and perform His mitzvahs with rustling excitement. Although the spiritually impoverished generations prior to the coming of the Mashiach are likened to barren trees, they will yet experience a national rebirth, soon, when Hashem rectifies His world and the song of mankind will finally be fully expressed.

  • Sources: Kesuvot 112b and Maharsha there; Sifra Bechukosai 10:6; Tosafot Succah 37b; Cf. Yitzchak Yeranen

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