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Perek Shira: The Song of Existence - The Song of the Lightning

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by Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

The Lightning says:
“Lightning He made for rains, He takes out wind from His storehouses.”
(Tehillim 135:7)

Hashem created lightning and its earthshaking thunder in order to humble man and straighten crookedness in his heart. It reminds us to live responsibly, knowing that it is Hashem Who watches all and Whose might fills the world. Only after we are “struck” and “enlightened” by lightning can rains be showered.

We should live with awe of the Creator and fulfill His mitzvahs with reverence. Only the humble are fitting receptacles for the bounty that Hashem wishes to bestow upon us.

  • Sources: Sources: Berachot 59a

*In loving memory of Harav Zeev Shlomo ben Zecharia Leib

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