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Perek Shira The Song of Existence The Song of the Heavens - Lech Lecha

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by Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

The Heavens say: The Heavens tell Hashem’s glory, and the sky relates His handiwork.”

(Tehillim 19:2)

Across the globe, the grand Heavens sing of Hashem’s glory and His handiwork.

The sky is blue, a recognized color of majesty, which represents Hashem's attribute of kingship. For this reason, Hashem’s throne is made of blue sapphire. There is an allusion to this in the verse of this song, as mesaprim (telling) has the word-root of sapir (sapphire).

The brilliant sun crosses the sky daily, benefitting all flora and fauna indiscriminately. The softly glowing moon and stars soften the effect of the darkness of the night. The endless space and countless stars sing of the honor of the Creator. The constellations tell of Hashem’s reign through the language of astrology. Clouds tell of Hashem’s desire to bestow life upon the Land. Their absence indicates His disapproval.

The Heavens draw to our attention that there is a King Who supervises His world, and they add an element of majesty to all the inhabitants of Earth. Their loftiness speaks of Hashem's loftiness and inspires awe of Him. Hence, one who fears Hashem is said to have "fear of Heaven." Their depth appears endless in the same way that Hashem is endless. Their breadth is inescapable in the same way one cannot leave the presence of the Omnipresent. In fact, it is a mitzvah to look at the Heavens and their constellations to contemplate their Creator and to bless Him — joining their song.

Sources: Zohar (Introduction 2a; Shlach 226b), Rashi, Malbim, Mesaprim Tehilos Hashem, Eved HaMelech (Ha’azinu)

*In loving memory of Harav Zeev Shlomo ben Zecharia Leib

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