Cloning - A Jewish Perspective

by Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz
An audio presentation discussing the implications of cloning
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Ohr Somayach presents a special audio presentation on Cloning.

Rabbi Dr. Breitowitz is the rabbi of the Woodside Synagogue in Silver Springs, Maryland and an associate professor of law at University of Maryland. He received rabbinical ordination from Ner Israel Rabbinical College and his law degree from Harvard Law School.

Each part of the presentation is 30 minutes long.

The audio is in mp3 amd RealAudio format. If you don't have a RealAudio player, you can download one from www.real.com

Part 1 Part 2
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  • General Introduction to Cloning
  • Technical picture of cloning
  • We are supposed to play G-d
  • Jewish approach to technology
  • Benefits of cloning
  • Organ harvesting
  • Cancer treatment
  • Halachic discussion of dangerous situations
  • Can I endanger myself to save another person?
  • Medical applications of cloning and halachic issues
  • Memory flashbacks and Deja Vus from heart transplants
  • Fertility issues
  • Can non-Jewish woman receive a Jewish mother's egg? (and vice versa)
  • Ethical problems. Who would be cloned and who would decide who would be cloned?
    The technological horror that could result
  • Halachic Problems
Part 3 Part 4
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  • Does a clone have a soul?
  • Sefer Yetzira,Golem of Prague
  • Discussion of Man's responsibility vs G-d's intervention
  • Reasons acceleration of technological advances
  • Is my clone me, my child, or my twin?
  • Halachic discussion of cloning regarding the mitzva of yibum
  • Can there be a new technology for which there is no halacha?
  • Who is the mother? 4 possible mothers
  • Combining DNA from animals and humans
  • Medical possibilities

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