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For the week ending 9 November 2002 / 4 Kislev 5763

Parshat Toldot

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  1. Why was it important that Yitzchak look like Avraham?
  2. Why does the Torah stress that Rivka was Betuels daughter and Lavans sister?
  3. What are the two differences between Tamars pregnancy and Rivkas pregnancy?
  4. Why was Esav named Esav?
  5. Who gave Yaakov his name?
  6. How did Esav deceive his father?
  7. Why was Esav faint when he returned from the field?
  8. Why are lentils a food for mourners?
  9. What was the birthright that Yaakov bought from Esav?
  10. Why was Yitzchak not permitted to go to Egypt?
  11. Why did the Philistines plug up the wells?
  12. Why did Yitzchak lose his sight? (three reasons)
  13. At what age should one anticipate his own death?
  14. Why did Rivka ask Yaakov to bring two kid goats?
  15. Why did Esav leave his special garments with Rivka?
  16. What fragrance did Yitzchak detect on Yaakovs garments?
  17. What was the "fat of the land" promised to Esav?
  18. When will Esav be freed from subjugation to Yaakov?
  19. What inspired Esav to marry the daughter of Yishmael?
  20. Knowing that Machalat was Yishmaels daughter, its self-evident that she was the sister of Nevayot. Why, then, does the Torah state that Esav married "Yishmaels daughter, the sister of Nevayot?"


All references are to the verses and Rashis commentary, unless otherwise stated.

  1. 25:19 - So everyone would agree that Avraham was indeed his father.
  2. 25:20 - To praise her, that even though her family was evil she was righteous.
  3. 25:24 - Rivka gave birth at full term to two children, one righteous and one wicked. Tamar gave birth after seven months to two righteous children.
  4. 25:25 - He was born fully developed. The name Esav is based on the Hebrew word for "made".
  5. 25:26 G-d.
  6. 25:27 - Esav deceived Yitzchak by asking questions that suggested that he was very strict in mitzvah observance.
  7. 25:29 - From having murdered.
  8. 25:30 - They are round like a wheel and mourning is like a revolving wheel that eventually touches everyone.
  9. 25:31 - The right to bring sacrifices.
  10. 26:2 - Through the akeida he had attained the status of a korban and was forbidden to leave Eretz Canaan.
  11. 26:15 - They felt that either marauders would attack to capture the wells, or if attacking for other reasons, they would use the wells as a water supply.
  12. 27:1 - a) From the smoke of the incense offered by Esavs wives to their idols; b) From the angels tears which fell into Yitzchaks eyes at the time of the akeida; c) In order for Yaakov to receive the blessings.
  13. 27:2 - When he reaches five years from the age his parents were when they passed away, until five years after.
  14. 27:9 - One for Yitzchak and the other to offer as a korban Pesach.
  15. 27:15 - He suspected that his wives might steal them.
  16. 27:27 - The scent of Gan Eden.
  17. 27:36 - Italy.
  18. 27:40 - When the Jewish People transgress the Torah.
  19. 28:7 - Seeing that his father despised his current wives, he resolved to take a wife from his father's family.
  20. 28:9 - To indicate that Yishmael died between her betrothal and her wedding, and that it was Nevayot who gave his sister in marriage to Esav. Knowing the date of Yishmaels death, we can determine the date of Esavs marriage and thus Yaakovs age, 63, at the time of his flight from Esav.

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