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The Sound of Youth and Music

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Rabbi Binny Fogelgarn

Ohr Lagolah Graduate: 2010

Currently: Youth Director of Sha’arei Tefillah in Melbourne; High School Teacher at Yesodei HaTorah

On returning to his native Melbourne in 2010, Rabbi Fogelgarn took up the full-time position teaching in the high school at Yesodei HaTorah. More recently he also started working with Rabbi Arieh Berlin (Ohr Lagolah graduate of 2000) at Sha’arei Tefillah as the Youth Director, helping develop and coordinate the youth program, Sha’arei Youth.

Over the past ten years he has played various roles at school camps, holiday programs, seminars, pirchei groups as well as Pesach hotels, giving him a wide range of experience with youth of all ages.

Rabbi Fogelgarn also has a musically creative side. Jewish musicians and entertainers tapped into their creative spirit and found inspiration in the much-anticipated Shabbat Project, which took place in November 2014. Singers and performers released songs and videos to prepare the communities for this special and unique Shabbat. Melbourne brothers Binny and Tunni Fogelgarn released the original composition “Shabbos Angels” with an accompanying music video. Lyricist and vocalist Binny Fogelgarn said, “We thought this was the perfect song to present as our contribution to the Shabbat Project. It really builds on the preparation for Shabbat and how it’s a fun, positive and meaningful event. “We did it for love of the Jewish People and the unity of Shabbat.”

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