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Betzalel (Charlie) Anflek

Fairfield, CT

Master’s Degree in Social Work
Multi-Program Alumnus

Betzalel has been an active alumnus, working tirelessly on behalf of Ohr Somayach, for many years. Most recently he helped to publicize the Alumni Dinner. He followed his more adventurous younger brother, Yedidya, to Ohr Somayach in 1987 after stints as a substitute teacher and bike messenger and an enjoyable but unfocused experience with theater and “loud” music. He enjoyed four years at Ohr Somayach, mainly in Rabbi Pindrus' shiur, from 1987-1991 and afterwards earned his Master's degree in Social Work.

Besides the usual Ohr Somayach learning experience, Betzalel took advantage of the lighter side of Ohr Somayach as he became a staple on the Purim Shpiel circuit and popularized the Lyle Wexler composition "Shushan" which spent at least a week on the “top ten frum pop songs list”. Married in 2002, Betzalel lives in Brooklyn and “rides” the express train known as Daf Yomi while applying his professional skills to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

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