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Free Israel Trips Develop into Happy Life

by Daniel Keebler
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Nadav Steindler Age: 32
Acco, Israel

UCLA – Major: Computer Science
Center Alumnus (2003-04)

An inspiring campus rabbi plus a trip to a yeshiva in Monsey made choosing the Ohr Somayach Birthright trip a no-brainer for Nadav. He even led a second Birthright trip for Ohr Somayach the following summer. All these free and highly inspiring trips to Israel instilled a still-glowing feeling of gratitude to Ohr Somayach in Nadav’s heart.

Nadav then spent a year in the Center program pumping up his Torah-learning muscles before launching himself into an Israeli yeshiva. He says that Ohr Somayach taught him how to learn Talmud with its commentaries, of course, but that what he really gained was a love of learning. “It’s hard to teach that,” he says, “you have to pick it up from the atmosphere around you.”

Nadav married a lovely young lady from Har Nof, daughter of Americans, and now works as a computer programmer in Acco (near Haifa). He and his wife moved to Acco as part of a citizen-led program to revitalize the Jewish community there, including its Jewish education. Nadav has “three wonderful kids” and feels truly happy with his lot in life.

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