For the week ending 22 June 2013 / 13 Tammuz 5773

Rabbi Yoseph Lipson

by Daniel Keebler
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Brandeis University– Philosophy

Shoresh Program

Rabbi Lipson is from Madrid, Montreal, Maryland, Venezuela, Connecticut…let’s just say he was born in Boro Park. He was in the very first class of Ohr Somayach in 1974 and studied here for two years before going to Scranton Yeshiva for 11 years. Today, he is a highly respected and talented high school Rabbi, who thanks Rabbi Wienbach, zatzal, Rabbi Schiller and Rabbi Aaron Feldman for giving him the spiritual DNA of his entire life. But, before all this, he was a thoughtful Philosophy major at Brandeis, postulating that only something eternal can have value, because all else fades away eventually. He needed to find an objective eternality or everything was ultimately meaningless. This drive brought him to the Bostoner Rebbe, the study of The Kuzari and the works of the Rambam — and to study in Jerusalem at Ohr Somayach. As they say, the rest is Eternity.

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