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David-Daniel Storfer

by Daniel Keebler
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Passaic, New Jersey

Age: 22

Teaneck, NJ

Derech and Intermediate Programs

Eight years of watered-down Jewish education made Judaism so repulsive to David-Daniel Storfer that he switched to public school. He was disappointed with the utter lack of explanations, “Why do we have two challot on Shabbat?” Whatever reason you feel like!” Storfer felt he was drowning in a sea of questions with no answers.

G-d sent him a life preserver in high school — an Orthodox rabbi who taught a nearby Sunday school. His authentic Torah-based answers led Storfer to even deeper questions about his heritage.“I was seeking a yeshiva without knowing they existed,” recalls Storfer.

The Derech program was a perfect fit for him: outstanding rabbis to answer his questions, friends he can relate to, and a steadily earned skillset to access Torah wisdom on his own, not to mention college credits. Now in Ohr Somayach’s Intermediate program, Storfer wants to eventually earn a degree in business and a PhD in industrial organization psychology with the aim of enhancing Jewish education in America.

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