For the week ending 24 March 2012 / 29 Adar I 5772

Yoseph Kakou

Library Library Library

Minneapolis, MN

Wisconsin Madison University, Communications Major


For Yoseph, Judaism was little more than a game of “Ultimate Frisbee” with his fellow socially-Jewish pals until his L.O.R.D (Local Orthodox Rabbinic Dude) began feeding him delicious food and teaching him “tasty” Torah. Yoseph realized that he could get reduced fees to travel to Israel and spend winter in the Middle East instead of at school in the middle of a frat house. The JLE was the trip he chose, and by the third day, he knew that the Torah understood relationships if nothing else. The beauty and common sense of a suspension from the physical side to relate with your loved one in a new way every month rang true. A paradigm shift or two later, Yoseph extended his trip to be a full semester of study which has developed into three years now. What began as a convenient way to spend a winter break became a wonderful way to live a life. He is now a counselor on the Ohr Somayach JLE trips.

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