For the week ending 17 March 2012 / 22 Adar I 5772

Mordechai Stenge

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Montreal, Canada

McGill University– Business major

Currently in Kollel in Ramat Beit Shemesh, attended Ohr Somayach from 2002-2007

Da’at Torah made Mordechai into the man he is today, thanks to his “run-in” with the JLE and Ohr Somayach. He had already made aliyah in January 2001 to fulfill religious/Zionist ideals when his friends brought him to Rabbi Gottlieb’s class. The timing was perfect. His lease had just run out, and the Yeshiva dorms were open for the taking. He decided to try it. Soon the interest was strong enough to dedicate one year to learning, which developed into five years. This turned into tutoring at the Mir Yeshiva and teaching at Ohr Somayach as the “Bein Hazmanim Rabbi”. His other time is spent learning in Kollel and being with his wife and four beautiful children. Somehow, he managed to get his Masters at Bar Ilan University during this time as well.

Mordechai sees that the means to achieving spiritual growth are rooted in Israeland Ohr Somayach. He says the key is to live life deliberately, not just about how to make money, but also about why we are here.

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