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Rabbi Daniel Olgin

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Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio State BA and Cleveland College MA

Rabbi on Campus

Daniel Olgin had a roommate in university who had never met a Jew before. As you can imagine, the boy had questions for this “living fossil”. The problem was that not only did Olgin not have the answers but he also had never even thought to ask the questions. This pushed him to the local Hillel House on campus, which had an Orthodox Rabbi at the time. Within a few years it became clear that yeshiva was his destination after university. Ohr Somayach became his home for two years and then he became an advisor in NCSY, attended YU, and got his MA in Jewish Studies from Cleveland College.

His first Rabbi noticed his progress and offered to support him while learning in Kollel. Rabbi Olgin’s next move was back to Ohr Somayach’s Ohr Lagolah Program where he got his smicha ordination.

Needless to say, he can answer a question or two these days. He works in kiruv outreach back at his alma mater, Ohio State, helping Jews like him get back to the Source in the sources. He is married with seven beautiful children and looking forward to having you as a guest on Shabbat.

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