For the week ending 21 January 2012 / 25 Tevet 5772

Yechezkel Scheer

Library Library Library

Detroit, Michigan

Attended Ohr Somayach for Elul Zman 5771

After college, this part time Tia Chi instructor was disenchanted by his 13 months in Nepalworking for the Peace Corps. This realization triggered a spiritual journey to the kibbutzim of Israel. His modus operandi was to absorb the culture, so when he was “picked off The Wall” to attend an authentic Shabbat meal, the adventure was a welcome one.

Mr. Scheer was a changed man. He soon returned to Detroitwhere he married, started a business, and began learning in the local Kollel. He has been experimenting with full-time learning over the past couple years, planning for his retirement schedule. Rabbi Pindrus’ gemara class was just the challenge Mr. Scheer was looking for. There is no doubt that the world will get a significant boost of kedusha when Mr. Scheer and his wife retire and make their favorite vacation spot, Israel, into their permanent home.

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